Tenormin (Atenolol)
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Product description: Tenormin is in a group of drugs called beta-blockers. It is used to treat angina and hypertension. Also is used to treat or prevent heart attack.
Active Ingredient: Atenolol
Tenormin as known as: Betaten, Panapres, Ibinolo, Atenoblock, Atol, Synarome, Apo-atenolol, Tessifol, Atendal, Originol, Fellfish, Schein, Atebeta, Atormin, Cardaten, Ténormine, Tensinor, Docateno, Docatone, Atenemeal, Mezolmin, Atenovit, Beta-adalat, Temoret, Pms-atenolol, Fabotenol, Tenomax, Tenblok, Atenix, Tenol, Clortanol, Atenomel, Cardipro, Tenoren, Lonol, Tenoprin, Antipressan, Tenocar, Tenolol, Atestad, Hipress, Atpure, Cardilock, Ateni, Atenopress, Cardiotal, Tensotin, Amlowide, Alcenol, Blocotenol, Atenex, Atenobene, Atecor, Novo-atenol, Biofilen, Myocord, Uniloc, Ephitensin, Atehexal, Bio-atenolol, Dolru, Atenil, Anlipin, Noten, Betacard, Tenoloc, Prenolol, Labotensil, Loten, Etnol, Vericordin, Atenololum, Betanex, Felobits, Betatop, Betasec, Anol, Towamin, Tenoret, Tenomilol, Betabloquin, Juvental, Atenobal, Beta-bloquin, Blikonol, Almylar, Atenocor, Bpnol, Normalol, Ormidol, Azectol, Tozolden, Velorin, Mecrol, Durabeta, Cardaxen, Anselol, Mesonex, Lorten, Atin, Atenolan, Internolol, Telvodin, Lonet, Katenomin, Selobloc, Metinin, Tensimin, Aminol, Savetens, Atecard, Angipress, Atermin, Atenol, Atenogen, Totamol, Tenoblock, Tenostat, Plenacor, Therabloc, Athenol, Nortenolol, Blokanol, Fealin, Normiten, Atenorhythm, Coratol, Tensol, Ateno-isis, Ateno, Lismories, Atoken, Prenormine, Catenol, Normaten, Vascoten, Atebloc, Umoder, Canar, Tanser, Ateloc, Neatenol, Lopres, Tenocor, Betanol, Nortan, Mezarid, Tenoretic, Ateblocor, Kushisemin, Zumablok, Jenatenol, Farnormin, Atenodeks, Tredol, Betablock, Atenet, Blokium, Precinol, Trantalol, Atenodan, Atenogamma, Corotenol, Mirobect, Corin, Atenor, Prinorm, Aten, Enol, Normitab, Atenosafe, Normocard, Blotex, Tensig

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